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CTS SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Open-Form and Start-Form?

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How do you send files to the legacy systems from SAP and vice versa?

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What is the use of CHAIN and ENDCHAIN statement?

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what is two domain level concept in abap

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how can i fetch the records of 3 tables with a single select query,without using join.

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how do you transport a script and how do you transport a standard texts?

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how do you pass table to function module?

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how can we print both side in smartforms?

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in which event validation is done?

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how can we print both side in smartforms?

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in which event validation is done?

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how to search for a badi?

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requirement is to create a badi for xd02 initial screen .how to search foe it.

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what is the difference between templates and tables.

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how to find out where to create a badi.

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CTS SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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