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CTS Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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filtering can be done with: i)capacitor,ii)inductor,iii)both,iv)none.

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What is Race-around problem? How can you rectify it?

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how is question aries in technical

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i m a 2nd yr student.. i can be placed in my degree but still should i think for MBA?


which type of architecture 8085 has? what major and minor differnce of 8086&8085

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Why the shape of OP-AMP is triangular not other shape?

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what s the full form of GOOGLE and YAHOO?

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What are the main advantages of synchronous circuit?

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What is eddy current?

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What is CDMA?

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How does a cell phone works?


What is optical fiber?

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What is coaxial cable?

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What is the difference between microprocessors and micro controllers?

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What is interrupt?

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CTS Electronics Communications Interview Questions

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