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CTS RPG400 Interview Questions
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How can we read a particular record from the database file which is not having DDS (Flat File). For example, there are 100 records in the flat file. How can we retrive 15th record in RPG/400 program (Without using CL)

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What is the OPEN and CLOSE accesspath?

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parameters cannot be passed in which one??

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in which journalling which attributes are necessary

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what is post opcode do

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how do u find whether a record is locked or not??

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3 members in databasefile .how to read records from all the members??

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3 members in a databasefile .how to read records from all the members?????????

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two attributes which govern the excecution of a job>>>>??

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two types of read performed in dataqueue?????

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how do u track msg in cl pgm???

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purpose of pannel group??/

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parameters cannot be passed in which one???

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what will happen two jobs have same name are submitted

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in which journalling which attributes are necessary??/

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CTS RPG400 Interview Questions

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