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CTS GMAT Interview Questions
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Two men, Barry and David, and two women Ann and Cathy are doctors. One is a surgeon, one a dentist, one an optometrist, and one is a general practitioner. They are seated around a square table, with one person on each side. 1) Barry is across from the dentist. 2) David is not across from the surgeon. 3) The optometrist is on Ann's immediate left. 4) Cathy is the general practitioner. 5) The surgeon and general practitioner are married to each other. 6) The general practitioner is not on Cathy's immediate left. 7) The general practitioner is across from the optometrist. If both women leave the table, the a) optometrist and dentist remain. b) surgeon and optometrist remain. c) surgeon and general practitioner remain. d) general practitioner and dentist remain. e) general practitioner and optometrist remain.

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CTS GMAT Interview Questions

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