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CTS SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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How many LONG columns are allowed in a table?

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What cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple recordsets?

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What is normalization ?

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What is an index and types of indexes. How many number of indexes can be used per table ?

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State the difference between implict and explict cursor's?

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how can we find the select statement is indexed or not?

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What are wait events. Describe the wait event tables.

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How do u count no of rows in a table?

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When do we create bitmap indexes

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sql query to get zero records from a table having n no of records

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function can return multiple value?how give give sample coding

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Difference between NVL, NVL2 and NULLIF

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Name Salary Abc 50000 Abc 50000 xyz 20000 find the max salary using aggregate function?

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What are the Diff B/W Cursor and REF Cursor

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1) Synonyms 2) Co-related Subquery 3) Different Jobs in Plsql 4) Explain Plan 5) Wrap 6) Query Optimization Technique 7) Bulk Collect 8) Types of index 9) IF primary key is created then the index created ? 10) Foreign Key 11) Exception Handling 12) Difference Between Delete and Trunc 13) Procedure Overloading 14) Grant Revoke 15) Procedure Argument types. 16) Functions. 17) Joins


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CTS SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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