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CTS Interview Questions
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What are Storage Classes in C ?

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How do you carry usability testing?

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Open-Form and Start-Form?

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what is difference between waterfall model and vmofel?

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what is test objective?

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How to insert the data in to the data table from the data base records?

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Whats a difference between Verification Point and Syncronization point?

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How can we find size of the object ?

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To start a transaction how many ways are there and what are they?

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Which Databases supports for QTP?

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Differentiate between RAM and ROM?

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What is the difference between mysql_fetch_array and mysql_fetch_object?

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Why is Socket used?

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Does Microsoft Corporation, Sun Microsystems possesing any maturity levels?if yes, what is that level?

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How do u find Synchronization problems manually?

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CTS Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

Usually we mention T or O in CONFIRMATION TYPE. What is T and O , stand for ?


What is one of the most important skills a project manager can have? A. Negotiation skills B. Influencing skills C. Communication skills D. Problem-solving skills


What is mis report , how to prepare mis report for general ledger?


Can you drop all the columns of a table ?


How will you get the count of parameters passed to a perl subroutine?


Give me At Least 5 Differences between DOCUMENTATION OBJECT MODEL(DOM)and COMPONENT OBJECT MODEL(COM)? Interviewer said me to WRITE the difference only in points not as you WRITE a paragraph ???? only in points


why B+tree usually prefer as on exis structure to a data file?


What is Jet Lag?


How would your past experience translate into success in this job?


What do you understand by 'access specifiers' in C#?


How can we reattach any detached objects in Hibernate?


women in politics


what is the indicator used?


What are SAE ratings?


DB2 connector> transformer > sequential file Data will be exported into a csv format in a sequential file. This file will be send in a email using a sequence job. Problem here is, how to avoid sending a blank csv file? When I ran the job there are chances that it might return zero records but in the sequence job csv file is going blank. how can I avoid this? thanks