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CTS SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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Explain about automatic payment program and customization settings?

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Explain the customization setting for FI validations?

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whome to report a functional consultant ?

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how do you communicate with abapers?

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would you please explain your contribution for your project?

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Have you involved in testing object?


What is your team consolidation in support phase?


what is your project land scape?

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hello friends i have completed sap fico and i learnt fico subject qustions but i cannot getting sap fico project qustions plz anybody help me

1 5011 present i am pursuing M.B.A III-sem my major is finance so i want to join SAP(FICO)course...i want to know which is the best institute in hyderabad and is it the right time to start the course or joining after getting some real corporate experiance,is it make much difference in learning

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why we have to give GL no. between 6 to 10?

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what is split valuation whre & why it is used?

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What is provision entry for Bad Debtors?

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How to configure Credit limit to customer for Rs.10,00,000/- ( any amount limit )which is automatically restrict the amount not more than 10. lakhs. regards, Janardhan

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what is preparation of GAP analyiss document? how to prepare ?

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Post New CTS SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

CTS SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

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