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CTS VSAM Interview Questions
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what's the biggest disadvantage of using a VSAM dataset?

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Can we copy a sequential file to a VSAM file ? If yes, What will happen of the size of the sequential file is bigger than that of the VSAM file?

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How to declare the EMP Name, EMP No., DOB in VSAM KSDS file? Please explain.....

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What is the use of VSAM files? How to read this ?

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What is an RBA in rrds? What does it do? What is it used for?

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write a program to read from a VSAM file , there will be a 5 records to create name. empno. resignation and address to update in a db2 table and call another program using dynamic call to find the matching fields in program 1 to update in db2 table. anybody pls send de program for dis ? thanks in advance...


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CTS VSAM Interview Questions

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