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CTS Group I Interview Questions
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What is the total syllabus of Group I and Group II?

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Dear Friends I'm one among the Group1(mains) candidates, waiting for the results. Y'day(16th Oct-08) in ETV2 Pratidwani, the discussion on 'APPSC GROUP-1' suspected that the main exam may be cancelled and it was mentioned in the program, that Supreme court judgment may support the High court decision. Is it possible to cancel the exam at this stage? after making this much of efforts???

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Dear Friends In general how many days a JUDGMENT from Supreme Court (After completing hearings)can be expected...? Is there any specifications or it purely depends on Hon’ble Judges. Hope, a technical answer from any one of our friends with LAW knowledge.

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Hi, I am working as software engineer in Bangalore. I am planning to to appear for 2011-Group 1. Could any one of you please let me know any good coaching centers in Bangalore for APPSC 2011 -Goup 1. Thanks,

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CTS Group I Interview Questions

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