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CTS Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is test plan

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you need to deliver the product on monday, but in friday ur test cases get crashed, what you will do?

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What will be the test cases for login phase in SIT format


what is the use case and what is the test case?

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What is the difference between high level design and low level design with example

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What are the metrics used in testing .

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there is a mobile phone and it has got 2 buttons one is it takes photo other is it uploads photo to facebook how to you test this application ?

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write test case for gmail sign up page ?

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Test Conditions are derived from : Test Conditions are derived from : a) Specifications b) Test Cases c) Test Data d) Test Desig

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what is the difference between PEGA based web application testing versus web application testing?


what is bug description document?how to prepare it?

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write a query which empname starts with A

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CTS Manual Testing Interview Questions

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