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CTS SAP Security Interview Questions
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Plz can anybody share ur work experience on Mitigating conflicts using SoDs with GRC tools or without GRC (thankful if examples r provided)

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can any tell me if a t_code is assigned to 5000 users then how would you find out who never uses this t_code?

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how can u assign firefighter ids from one firefighter admin to another firefighter admin if current admin leaves from organization without told to any body?

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Difference between 4.7c and ECC 6.0 in security aspect? I tried in many website but still not able to find the correct one.

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different b/w Direct assigment and indirect role in bi security whn will go direct assignment

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what is the critical issue u are faced in your previous experience


what is your ticketing tool? can we give some details about how we are getting tickets


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CTS SAP Security Interview Questions

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