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CTS Business Objects Interview Questions
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what is aggregate navigation?

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how do u implement dense rank in a report?

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what is maximum scope of analysis --> can we define more than 3 levels?

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how do u implement dense rank in bo reports?

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What is the use of Surrogate Key in BO?

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why do we use crystal reports rather than webintelligence reports ?

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what is the difference btween olap and oltp?

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Instead of cms which server you have to use?

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can i use stored procedure in webi?

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1.what is the functionality of "Event Server" in BOXIR2? 2.what happen if RAS server is down in BOXIR2

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what is the difference between input file repository server and output file repository server ?

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What are the major problems will occur while migrating to the one version to another version?

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What is the @script and @variable functions in the universe designer ? can anybody explain me in a simple way?

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CTS Business Objects Interview Questions

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