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CTS C++ General Interview Questions
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What is the output of printf("%d")?

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What is a mutex and a critical section.Whats difference between them?How do each of them work?

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What is a pure virtual function? Why is it represented as = is the internal implementation for the same

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What are smart pointer? Whats its use?

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What are function poinetrs? where are they used?

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How many pointers are required to reverse a link list?

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How many types of casting are there in C++? When is a dynamic cast,static_cast,reinterpret cast used?

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Write a program to swap 2 chars without using a third varable? char *s = "A"; char *p = "B";

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What are Binay tress and B trees? Diff between them?

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a class that maintains a pointer to an object that is programatically accessible through the public interface is known as?

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Write a program that takes a 5 digit number and calculates 2 power that number and prints it.


Implement a 2 dimensional array by one dimentional array

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CTS C++ General Interview Questions

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