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CTS Ab Initio Interview Questions
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How Does MAXCORE works?

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I had 10,000 records r there i loded today 4000 records, i need load to 4001 - 10,000 next day how is in Type 1 and how is it on type 2?

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how to prepare scd2 in abinitio

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. What is dynamic lookup ?

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How to connect mainframe to Abinitio?

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How to migrate the code FROM development to QA and QA to production?

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difference between paramaters inputparameters,Local parameters, Formal parameters, Sand box parameters,Project parameters and export parameter?


How to move data from developement to testing and testing to production?

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Hi friends, I have 100 records in my input file, if i run first,the first 10 records are stored into the output and if i run second time next 10 records stored into the output file like that please let me know the answer Thanks, krishna

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Hi friends, what are the new features in abinito3.0?


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CTS Ab Initio Interview Questions

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