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CTS OOPS Interview Questions
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What are the OOPS concepts?

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Difference between over loading and over ridding?

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what is the need of abstraction? what is abstraction?what is the abstraction for stack?

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write a program which best describes polymorphism in real world?

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What is operator overloading? Give Example

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i have to create a view in SQL as like in ORACLE DATA EXPRESS EDITION

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write a program to find 2^n+1 ?


What is the default size allocated for array in the statement if size not specified " int a[] "

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#include using namespace std; struct wow { int x; }; int main() { wow a; a.x = 22; int c = a.x; int *b = new int; cout << c; return 0; } option: No output 0 22 -(11) Will not compile

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create a class complex having real and imaginary part of a complex no. as a data member. overload the binary operators(+,- and *) to perform the operations on complex no. objects. overload binary operator using friend function.

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CTS OOPS Interview Questions

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