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CTS DB Administration Interview Questions
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what is incremental checkpoint?

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CTS int questions: 1.Temperory tablespace corrupted,how to resolve?If you need to recover? 2.In tablespace begin backup mode,Its possible to add the datafile? 3.How to partition the table using Hash partioning,what happened internally? 4.During rman backup,some files are missing Rman will continue the backup? 5.what are the errors occurs frequently? 6.which join method is best?why? to solve deadlock errors? please reply anyone.... regards siva

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deleted of control file how will u recover control file?

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What is the difference between LMT & DLT?

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why do we give pctfree and pctused in create table statement?

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what is difference between user managed backup and rman backup?

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CTS DB Administration Interview Questions

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