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CTS Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is disaster testing and recovery testing ?

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what is data migration testing?

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How to write a test case for White board? Plz help me with this....

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1.What is mean by data base testing?explain with example? 2. you can check the data base testing through sql then why we are using QTP Data base check ? 3.difference between modified waterfall model and waterfall model? 4.defect life cycle?

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what is the FURRRPSC model?

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what is requirement traceability matrix? Mention its format

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What is the difference between Test Management tools and Defect Management tools? What are the most widely used Test Management tools?

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What Tester should do after getting Requirement Doc?

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How can a white box testing performed ? MAnual or automated ?

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how many test cases are posible to write on textbox. but it is allows the 0-10 digits numaric

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where did u gather requirements? what is user acceptance testing? in real time plz send me as early as possible?

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1)in peer reviews we will verify our colleagues test cases, then it sent to client, then client what reviews perform(whats client feed back)on that test cases? 2)disadvantages of adhoc testing?3) in defect life cycle there are 2 states know verify, close states,difference?


What is cookies?How do you test cookies?

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How to test cookies in Manual testing and how to disable cookies?

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Explain All-pairs testing?

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CTS Manual Testing Interview Questions

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