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CTS C Interview Questions
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What are Storage Classes in C ?

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what is the difference between const char *p, char const *p, const char* const p

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which of the function operator cannot be over loaded a) <= b)?: c)== d)*

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Main must be written as a.the first function in the program b.Second function in the program c.Last function in the program d.any where in the program

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what is the different between if-else and switch statment (other than syntax)

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how many header file is in C language ?

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program to find the second largest word in a paragraph amongst all words that repeat more thn twice

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how many argument we can pas in in a function

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palindrome for strings and numbers----Can anybody do the prog?

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How to calculate Total working time using Login and logout?

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what is difference between array and structure?

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15.what is the disadvantage of using macros? 16.what is the self-referential structure? 17.can a union be self-referenced? 18.What is a pointer? 19.What is the Lvalue and Rvalue? 20.what is the difference between these initializations? 21.Char a[]=”string”; 22.Char *p=”literal”; 23.Does *p++ increment p, or what it points to?

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can anyone please tell me wat is backlogs... i was looking for the job openings where i read this.. eligibility criteria minimum 70% in degree without backlogs. is that arrear.. if so is it standing arrear or history of arrears... please help me...

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how to find sum of digits in C?

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What is the difference between null pointer and void pointer

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CTS C Interview Questions

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