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CTS QA Concepts Interview Questions
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Difference between smoke testing and sanity test ?????????

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What is is External Quality Assurance (EQA) and Final Inspection (FI)?


What is object repository?

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What is a weighted Defect What is Defect Density

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What are the technical risks involved in Software testing project?

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what is scalability testing?

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how to retrive only second row from table in sql server 2000?

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Difference between Quality control and Quality Assurance?

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How to start testing after project kick off ???

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Is 100% Coverage is possible in Testing ?

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What is the most critical bug you found in your latest project or overall in your career ?


Three types of tea the a,b,c costs Rs. 95/kg,100/kg and70/kg respectively.How many kgs of each should be blended to produce 100 kg of mixture worth Rs.90/kg, given that the raveled s of band c are equal...

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CTS QA Concepts Interview Questions

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