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CTS Cognos Interview Questions
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How to test reports in cagonos ?

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suppose if u burst the reports if ur reports not reached to the destination how u will identify that one???

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In an existiing Framework model, how will you add a new column to the existing table?

6 18755 do nyou configure link between fwm and database (source).if you created fwm where it will be? and if you create reports where it is stored? 2.what is spic shot in fwm?

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if report performance is low how can check 3 areas in framework manager?.what are the 3 areas concentrate?

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what is the difference between querystudio in reportnet and cognos8


-----------Types of Fact Tables?

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1. What is stiched Query 2. What is loop in Fm 3. Best practices in modeling in FM 4. Three types of SQL 5. Difference between pass-thro and native sql? 6. will usage of pass thro sql will improve the performance? 7. Complex problems fced in your project 8. performance tuning in reports

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What is a scope? can you tell me one example for scope?

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write the sql query to display 5th and 10th row in a table?

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can you apply grouping on crosstab?

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if a page have 3different layouts(list,crosstab,chart)can you show the 3 leyouts in 3 different formates (pdf,excel,csv)?

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How can we give the same color for alternate(1,3,5.... and 2,4,8...) cells in a column?

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I have two queries in first query i have to show all values,in second query i have to show 3 values and want to hide 3 values what prompt ur going to use, why that prompt


When we deploy the report to live the client get the data error how can we resolve that

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CTS Cognos Interview Questions

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