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CTS Informatica Interview Questions
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What are the different types of Type2 dimension maping?

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What is Performance tuning in Informatica?

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what are the reusable tasks in informatica ?

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explain the scenario for bulk loading and the normal loading option in Informatica Work flow manager ???

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What is a diff between joiner and lookup transformation

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In Real Time what are the scenarios u faced, what r the tough situations u have overcome, and explain about sessions.

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how do u use sequence created in oracle in informatica? Explain with an simple example

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suppose if we have dublicate records in a table temp n now i want to pass unique values to t1 n dublicat values to t2 in single mapping?how

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can v update d records in target using update stargey without generationg primary key ? explain

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hw cn v elimate dublicate values from lookup without overriding sql?

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what is incremental loading ?

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how can we update without using update transformation. wt is push down operation in informatica. which lookup gives more tuning performance. if so why.

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wt is informatica file watch timers in aflat i want to get the first record and last record how could i.

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how to load only the first and last record of a flat file into the target?

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which quality process u can approach in ur project

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CTS Informatica Interview Questions

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