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CTS DB2 Interview Questions
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Explain what a plan is?

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What is the physical storage length of each of the following DB2 data types: DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP?

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What are the various locks available?

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What technique is used to retrieve data from more than one table in a single SQL statement?

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How can you quickly find out the number of rows updated after an update statement?

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What is sqlcode -811?

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Can we able to find all the Table names under a Particular Plan?

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I have some 3 particular fields ..i want to know which all tables have those 3 fields. Is there any way to identify.. can we know by quering system tables..

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wht are the restrictions for union ?

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where can we use index and subscript ? with example ?

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what is main use of table space and index object? please its urgent

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how can you copy records present in a flat physical file to a database file(physical file).please explain in rpg400 with a simple example

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In db2, how do you insert multiple rows in 1 query using a.) Cursors, b.) Normal query?? Give syntax for both.

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I have 1000 rows in a db2 table.I want to update first 100 records,How do I do it?

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How do I handle -911 (deadlock) error in a db2 program so that the program will never abend?

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CTS DB2 Interview Questions

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