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CTS SAP Basis Interview Questions
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what is the difference with oracle 9i and 10g?

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Hi there, i am a, guy i want to learn sap application. is it possible? what r the courses i can persue? is it application or development ? also let me know institution names in chennai

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Why dont we apply patche like Transports? (DEV--->QA-->PRD)

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I have all the authorizations but still unable to do client export what may b the cause..............?

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if 100 users are accessing perticular table how to know the users who are acessing table.

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1 what errors you faced while applying support package in tcode spam and 2 what is the precaution note that should be read.....while uploading patches

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1.How could an user know in which instance he has logged on if there is one central instance and four dialog instances ecc system how to know up to what package level the basis and abap support packs needs to be updated. Depending upon the remaining components(hr,appl...)

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How many times bdls transaction executes for 2 clients


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CTS SAP Basis Interview Questions

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