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CTS Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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working of a diesel generator.

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What are the protective devices in a DC/AC motor starter?

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why current is denoted by I

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what is impedence (Z) of transformer, what indicate in transformer , which perameter indicate in transformer

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what is vch ?

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what is the function of commutator in dc motor?

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why the tapping of transformer on ht side??????

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1.differance between onload ups and off line ups.

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what will happen if dc supply is given to ac motor?

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The ratio of white balls and black balls is 1:2. If 9 gray balls is added it becomes 2:4:3. Then what is number of black balls ?

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At a family reunion were the following people: one grandfather, one grandmother, two fathers, two mothers, four children, three grandchildren, one brother, two sisters, two sons, two daughters, one father-in-law, one mother-in-law, and one daughter-in-law. But not as many people attended as it sounds. How many were there ?

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electrical resistance in human body?please dedails quick.

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what is the reason of battery voltage is 12v maintain?please answer

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what is the maintain in ACB,VCB,MCB,MCCB breakers?

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10 tube light connect in mcb tube light is breaker is fault is rectified.(using 3wire phase,earth,neutral)


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CTS Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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