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CTS Manual Testing Interview Questions
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contents of test plan

12 48125

wat is test deliverables

5 11653

why feature not to be tested in test plan

4 11618

wat is build duration

1 4233

wat is test scenario

4 6982

write high level test cases

5 22093

contents of test report

3 12039

how to maintain review reports


diff between smoke testing and sanity testing

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u r rating for lateral thinking,i said 6.nad the question is if an object is there it should take only positive values but it is also allowing negative values what is u r responce?

2 4096

What is the difference between Retesting and Data Driven Testing?

8 18788

what are the differnt error code that comes when an error occured in web application?

1 1953

What is Tracebility Matrix ? What is there in that and what will u do with that ?

15 12850

what is thetesting methodology that u r company folowing??

8 7204

can testing and development be done in same environment?

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CTS Manual Testing Interview Questions

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