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CTS SAS Interview Questions
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How could you generate test data with no input data?

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what is the difference between compiler and interpreter? give any one example (software product) that act as a interpreter?

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sas implimented companies in hyderabad

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what is the difference between proc report and proc format?

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There is a field containing a date. It needs to be displayed in the format “ddmonyy” if it’s before 1975,”dd mon ccyy” if it’s after 1985, and as ‘disco years’ if its between 1975 and 1985. How would you accomplish this in data step code? Using only PROC FORMAT.

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How many versions came upto now in SAS?

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Hot to suppress characters from a given string?

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what is the difference between proc means and proc tabulate?

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i have a data set with 20 observations i want label from 8 to 15 observations ? how you create this one.

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how to add distinctly var variable values ex.. Data a; input var; datalines; 0 1 2 3 -1 -2 -3 ; run; adding all +ve value in one varibale n do the same for -ve too

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if the Id has more then two transcatiion then show the first observation, IF Id has only two observation then It show both the observation


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CTS SAS Interview Questions

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