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CTS Siebel Interview Questions
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hi,i would like to know the what are the questions they will ask for siebel testing. i need question for only siebel testing only


i am planning to learn Siebel CRM, I have no idea how it works & i do have have couple of questions like a learner. i really appropriate you time on this. Questions 1) what is Siebel CRM..? 2) how does it works..? 3) is it GUI interface or program based..? 4)any learning documents (Online) if you have Please forward me.? 5)how do we implement the system..? 6) how do we support after implementation..? any online training course available..? any online step by step document availanble..? Please help me to get into the CRM world. Regards Mahi

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CTS Siebel Interview Questions

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