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CTS Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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Can any one tell me how to perform volume testing and what to do if a fault is found in volume testing?

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is there any open source testing tool to perform whitebox testing and black box testing which supports c++ in linux.plz ans

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Hi, I attended an interview recently. I was asked the following question Assuming that I am Test Manager. There are 20 resources out of which 12 are manual testers, 5 automation testers and 3 performance testers. There are a bunch of projects to be tested in the organisation, the projects belong to various technologies, say 20% of projects in Java, 20% of projects in SAP, 30% of projects in .NET, 30% of projects in C# What is your approach as Test Manager in testing? Pls let me know your approach on this.

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What is the difference between Code Release and Code Build?

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what are release plan components?


Explain bug life cycle

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Class diagram equals to which of the following diagram?

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Which table achieves data from landing table?

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what is the diff or relation between qa and verification qc and validation


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CTS Testing AllOther Interview Questions

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