what is data migration testing?

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what is data migration testing?..

Answer / sudheendra patil

DataMigration testing are of two types
--Migration of data Previous Version of the software To New
Version of the software
--From a legacy software to new Application

Basically the testing is done to confirm that the
application works properly with new format of data.

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what is data migration testing?..

Answer / ni

Also the real time clients in "ABC3tables" having 3 tables
should be having 7 tables once migration script is run.This
should not imapct the existing tables as well.

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what is data migration testing?..

Answer / ni

Assume a banking project named "ABC3tables" is with only 3
tables in data base and the application is in
production.Assume that new requirement is to add 7 more new
tables for the same application.

Once the new release "ABC7tables" is made(not in
production),the project "ABC3tables" should also be in a
state of having 7 more new tables once the migration script
is run.

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what is data migration testing?..

Answer / rohan

Data migration involves two things
Structure migration
- Structure in the target database should match. This
includes the tables, fields, data type and data precission

Data Migration (Actual data)tabase- this would involve
checking the number of rows )in the target database) for
all the table are exactly the same as that in the source
database. Also needs to be checked is that the primary keys
in the tables are not affected as this would affect the
master child tables e.g. Order/ Items.

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what is data migration testing?..

Answer / ravi

Data Migration testing is nothing but migration of two or
many data base in to one intermediate data base such type
of testing is called data migration testing.

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