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contents of test report

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contents of test report..

Answer / rao

It seems to be the answers given by GOWDA and soujanya are
related to the contents used for the testcases,but not for
the test report.

There are two documents,which should be prepared at
particual phase.
1.Test Results document.
2.Test Report document.

Test Results doc will be preapred at the phase of each type
PASS,SANITY TEST PASS etc...Test case execution againest
the application.Once you prepared this doc,we will send the
doc to our TL and PM.By seeing the Test Results doc ,TL
will come to know the coverage part of the testcase.Here I
am giving you the contents used in the Test Results doc.

1.Build No
2.Version Name
3.Client OS
4.Feature set
5.Main Feature
6.Defined Testcases on each feature.
7.QA engineer Name
8.Test ecases executed.(Includes pass and fail)
9.Testcases on HOLD(Includes blocking testcases and
deferred Testcases)
10.Covereage Report(Which includes the coverage ratings in
% ,like % of testcases covered,% of testcases failed)

Coming to Test report,generally we will prepare Test
report ,once we rolled out the product to our client.This
document will be prepared by TL and delivered to
the client.Mainly,this document describes the what we have
done in the project,chievements we have reached,our
learnings in throughout the project etc...The other name
for Test report is Project Closure Report and we will
summerize the all the activities,which have taken place in
through out the project.Here I am giving your the contents
covered in the Test Report.
1.Test Environment(Should be covered the OS,Application or
webservers,Mahchine names,Database,etc...)
2.Test Methods(Types of Tests,we have done in the project
like Functional Testing,Platform Testing,regression
3.Major areas Covered.
4.Bug Tracking Details.(Includes inflow and outflow of the
bus in our delivered project)
5.Work schedule(When we start the testing and we finished)
6.Defect Analasys
6.1 Defects logged in different types of tests like
Funcational Test,regressiion Test as per area wised.
6.2 State of the Defects at end of the Test cycle.
6.3 Root cause analysys for the bugs marked as NOT A BUG.
7.QA observations or learnings throught the life cycle.

Incase if I am wrond,please correct me.

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contents of test report..

Answer / pavankumar and sharana gowda

testcase_id,test description,expected result, actual
result,pass/fail, remark

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contents of test report..

Answer / soujanya

a) Test case id
b) Test case name
c) Objective
d) Prerequisites
e) Steps to be executed
f) Test data
g) Expected result
h) Actual result
i) Status
j) Remarks

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