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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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I have 3 transactions,where the output of one transaction is input of another and output of 2nd transaction is input of 3rd transaction.i have one flat file with all data for the 3 transaction.if the 3rd transaction failed can we rollback the remaining 2 transactions or not.Is this possible in BDC,How/


What is Project management?I was asked weather u worked on This?

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In alv Reports,how the Output is displayed ad editable and how i can edit the same and how it will reflect the DB?Please help...........

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Can any tell me some std BAPI's which r used regularly....and they use and means of it?Please it was urgent?????????????

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By using which single table i can get all the detail from sale order to billing not used vbak, vbap, vbrk & vbrp.

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how we can moddify a internal table without using modify statement

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as a tem leader whats tools u have used in sap

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How to find user exit

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How to test a script?how to find versions in scripts?

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How to add background picture/graphics in alv report?

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Difference between SY-CPROG and SY-REPID? Plz give me the answer,its urgent!

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How to put page-breaks in smartforms?

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difference between step loop and table control?Plz urgent..

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Why is smart form more preferred printing utility than sap script ?

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explain the role of CTUPARAMS structure in call transaction

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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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