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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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explains how to handle the table control in bdc

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why do you selected sap abap as your career as there are many technical modules are there?

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if i want to take some matter from a smart form to another smart form .then how is it possible?

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Hi To all ABAP Guru's while transporting any report program do we need to trasnport the text elements seprately or not reuired ? if it is so how do u transport the text elemtns ? Thanks in Advance for ur answers

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What is the relation between Badi and Bapi ?

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How to Reprocess an Idoc ?

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What are Pull and Push Methods?


When would you use a BAPI rather than an IDOC

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can any body tell what is idoc archieving and how to do that

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can we create views in bdc

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How do we use BDC in real production scenarios ? Is BDC used on regular periodic intervals to upload data into SAP ? (say you recieve the data daily from non-sap system, like mainframes and you update the data in SAP) OR Is BDC used on adhoc basis ?

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What is update task

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How to add more than one message to one idoc? Tell me Process

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what is the difference between interface and global diffinations in smartforms?

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In Interactive Report ,can I have more than 20 interactive Lists? Is it Possible ,If Yes How can i do it?

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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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