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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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how to use table control in bdc

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how to send smart form result though mail?

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can we debug the smartform if yes how can we debug

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what is the diffrence between driver program and print program in sap script

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what are the components of bdc?

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can please tell me the differences b/w bapi & bdc?

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differences between version 4.7 and ecc 5.0

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what is actaul procedure of session method of bdc. pls me complete steps.

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How do u write a program in session method so that it creates the session and run the session itself without going to sm35

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How to Split one delivery into many ( Step by Step)?

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what is the variable to be used in sap scripts to find the total number of pages of the print job?

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how will u interact with client if neccessary?

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in select _upto N ROWS IF N=0 THEN------------------are rows are selected?

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MM Flow & SD Flow

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can any one tell me the following question's answer 1. How can we create PUSH Botton in presentation layer. 2.How can we print the record. 3.If database has nor records & if we write 'for all entries' in select statement then what will be happen.

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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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