Brief scenario of check table / value table?

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Brief scenario of check table / value table?..

Answer / guest

Value Table - This is maintained at Domain Level.

When ever you create a domain , you can entered allowed
values. For example you go to Domain SHKZG -
Debit/credit indicator. Here only allowed values is H or
S. When ever you use this Domain, the system will force you
to enter only these values. This is a sort of master
check . To be maintained as a customization object. This
mean that if you want to enter values to this table you
have to create a development request & transport the same.

Check table - For example you have Employee master table &
Employee Transaction table.

When ever an employee Transacts we need to check whether
that employee exists , so we can refer to the employee
master table. This is nothing but a Parent & Child
relationship . Here data can be maintained at client
level , no development involved. As per DBMS what we call
foregin key table, is called as check table in SAP.

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Brief scenario of check table / value table?..

Answer / girish.m

CHECK TABLE: this is given at field contains only
valid values.when we are going to create foreign key
relationship b/t table A and table B, the table B secomes
check table for table A.

Example: they are 2 tables employee table and dept. table.
now we are going to create data of employees in employee
table. now it takes employees belongs to that dept.mentioned
in dept. table, it will not take other dept.
employees.Dept.table becomes check table for employee table.

VALUE TABLE: this is given at domin level. it contains all
possible values. when we press f4 help for the field in
selection-screen the values coming from value table.

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Brief scenario of check table / value table?..

Answer / sridhar kasthuri

Value Table:
Always Value table means table which contain the all
possible existing value for that field(key).It refers to F4
functionality. Usually we will create any value table
whenever we are creating the key's domain.

Check Table:
The name itself is defines that it is the table which is
giving the check function when the foreign key is populated
with some value.
I mean to say that at the time you are populating elements
into the foreign key table at that time
ex: foreign key [ ]
you entered some value in above field and pressed ENTER
key on key board then system automatically excutes the
select statement on the existing check table, in order to
know whether this key's entry exist in the check table or
So here the check table means the reference for comparision.

And foreign key table means referee which is asking for

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Brief scenario of check table / value table?..

Answer / k.nagalakshmi

Check table:it checks the field in its foreign table
Value table:its a table where it checks the field for its

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Brief scenario of check table / value table?..

Answer / ravikiran

check table:1)it is maintained at table level.
2)it can be used to extract the data in the programs.
3)it forces the user to select any one of the check table field entries.
value table:1)it is maintained at domain level.
2)it can be used to extract the data since it is linked with the domain.
3)it does not forces the user since it has empty value by default.

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Brief scenario of check table / value table?..

Answer / prathyusha

check table : It is a field level validation,by checking the corresponding entries in the foreign table..
value table : It is the domain level validation,by checking into the corresponding entries into the reference table....

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Brief scenario of check table / value table?..

Answer / uma

value table:
value table we maintained at domain for exmaple
of domain is shkzg in this level the system maintain value
ranges like h or s.when ever we assigned the domain in
table only that perticuler field like what ever we
assigened domain into field it allows only existing values
like h or s.

check table:
for example of check table is first table is employee
master table like employee name,address etc.its standardand
another table is employee transaction table like employee
salary details,whch platforms like this .
when ever we give the employee name first it checks the
whether that employee is exit or not in employee master
table is nothing but check table.and transaction employee
table is foreign key table.

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Brief scenario of check table / value table?..

Answer / arun prasad


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