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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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What is the main difference between Smartforms and SAP scripts?

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Which of the following is not an exit command? Exit, Back, Cancel, Stop

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To avoid page skipping and to write the contents in the same page itself in SAP script, command used is

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In module pool, when table controls are used the command that is written in both PBO and PAI is

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To avoid screen resolution problem while recording,

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BAPI is efficient than BDC? The question is with options, asking which of the following is true?

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A function group contains globally defined internal tables and function modules defined in it. FMOD1 populates itab1 and when FMOD2 is called will itab1 contains those values being populated by FMOD1?

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can we write a select query under end-of-selection event. and will it fetch data.

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how top handle error in LSMW?

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prerequisities of FOR ALL ENTRIES

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what is the use of STOP,EXIT,CHECK,CONTINUE in internal table?

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Pls reply me 1)can i debuging the idoc. 2)give some example of pool table and cluster table. 3)what is update module.

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How To Debug Ale ....

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What is the testing tool in ale........

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what happend if a select statement inside aloop....

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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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