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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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What is syntax to upload a logo in script ?

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How do u know that updation is successful in BDC

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How do u know that updation is successful in BDC

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What is a view?

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What is the significance of main window in a page, what are the types of the window?

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What is the difference between value table and check table?

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what is BDCDATA structure?

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Can we add a field to the sap standard screen? If so, how?

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Whether Project contains enhancement or Enhancement contains Projects?

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1.In report, we should have to write events in sequential order or not,if we write events insequential then what will be the drawback and if we will sequential what will be the advantage. 2.what is the fucnction of end-of-selection even? if we would not write this event in report what will happen? event will trigger before the initialization,and at selection-screen event or after these two event.

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1.Can we see the output without print program in sap script,and can we fetch the data without printprogram?if yes how,pls reply in details. 2.What is table control in BDC? how can we handled in bdc? pls reply in details

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1.Which of the following is not an EXIT command? options: BACK, CANCEL, STOP, EXIT? 2.To write certain contents in sap script without skipping to the next page, which command is used? Options: ADDRESS...ENDADDRESS, PROTECT...ENDPROTECT, AT...ENDAT 3. When using a table control in module pool, which statement has to present in both PAI and PBO. options : FIELD, LOOP..ENDLOOP, CHAIN...ENDCHAIN 4. Lock objects are : options : FUNCTION MODULES, PROGRAMS, TABLES

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Which of the following assigns work to the application server? Options ::Dispatcher, work process, roll area

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Internal table itab contains some records. If the code is like this : LOOP AT ITAB. APPEND ITAB. ENDLOOP. What ill be the result??

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What is the system field that stores the level of the list?

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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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