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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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1.What is the difference between append structure and include structure. 2. what is the logging of technical setting while creating db table.

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what is the RANGES stmt used in ABAP. if anybody know this answer. plz post imdtly

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what is cardinality?how it works in ABAP?

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what is the use of SLIS type pool in alv reports?

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what are customizing?have u created any customizing table? for what purpose?

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what is the functionality of data class?

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what is ment by buffering?

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if there is no top-of-page event in reports then what happens?

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How can you remove leading zeros of a number in script?

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I have two internal tables itab1 and itab2 and I had move the content of the itab1 to itab2 and then itab1 had to deleted

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With out any Write statement will the Top of the Page and End of Page trigger?

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when does the secondary index should be used what role it play when we use secondary index in tables

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What will happen if we write “WRITE” statement in the TOP_OF_PAGE? Can we write?

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User has given the specification to display the Check boxes on the list, how will you handle this situation.?

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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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