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Accenture SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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what is a derivation rule in pca?how we define it and where we define it ?

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what is a cenvat? can u explain abt it?

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what r the month end activites for a consultant which enduser cannot do?

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What is Withholding Tax and Extended with holding TAx? Explain

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What is the purpose to have country CoA, if a company code already have operational CoA? What are the different type of legal requirement a company can have? Explain with examples.

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would you please explain your contribution for your project?

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what is BEX Analyser and what is it used for in FICO module?

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why we are require internal orders when we are using co+st centres.

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What do you mean by Procurement to Cash & Order to Cash?

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explain any 2 business process e.g: payment

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Brief about g/r I/r clearing. Can’t v avoid this a/c? Process?

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Hi, Can u pls answer me When we run the APP We will get the document,,that document in which tabel its getting save.

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How many currencies can be assigned to one company code.what is the need of many currencies to one company does it work.pls give me one example also.

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how to find particular G/L account releate to Cost center.

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How a ticket (run time problem) comes to a junior sap consultant (at support level)? In which server he solves the ticket (run time problem)?

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Accenture SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

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