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Accenture SAP FI CO Interview Questions
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integration with fi to pp steps


Hi sap expert. i want to know all the interview type of question and answer in asset management, automatic payment (app) and field status group.


1. What is Spec? 2. If you run AP program without giving next payment rundate then system what erros throughs? 3. How do you calculate depreciation in SAP? 4. What depreciation Terms? 5. Where so you assign the plant?


What is mean by Zero balance clearing account? how it used in real time?

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What is the link between the Vendor master record and the APP

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assets how upload in LSMW

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We are run the app, check is bounce what to do

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What is special purpose ledger ? what is the use of this ledger?

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Tell me about Accounts payable business process flow and Accounts receivable business process flow

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General Ledger Process flow


what are the advantages & dis advantages document splitting in fico? where as we can see the reports gl a/c wise & particular vendor/customer/document wise why we prefer doc splitting? let me know the possible answer soon. asked @ Accenture.


1. Tell me Some of AS IS sceniours you have come accross in your projects (related to FICO modul) 2. Tell me some expamples of Gap Analysis that you have come accross in your respective module ie in FICO 3. Tell me some of expample of BPR


what is mean by test scenarious and how to prepare test scenarious and test scripts?

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What is testing procedure in sap fico ?

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What is mySAP ERP. How is it different to SAP ERP.

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Accenture SAP FI CO Interview Questions

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