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Accenture SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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For one company code max how many chart of accounts can we assign?

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What is mean by DME , IN APP WHERE IT ASSIGN

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When we will use GR/IR clearing A/c?

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vendor wants the payments from different banks for each open item document through APP. Like one document from Icici Bank, another document from HDFC Bank. where you configure it? Is it Possible?

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what are the functional specification in AP, APP ?


What are the procedure for implementing FI Sub Module, like AR, AP, AA etc


Whwre are the number ranges assigned to document type ?

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hello to all, i inquired various institutes in Bangalore, like radiant, prologc and sapware. they said 2 level training and each level they charge 15000 rupees. but these institutes are not authorized.and the faculty also not good they dont have any experience simply said they have 10 years experience, frankly speaking they don't have any experience. and they provide fake company documents like gensis ,gensoft and other companies offer letter, releving letter and other related documents along with bank statements. they are simply cheating companies. guys please be careful. and initially they tell to students they are providing 100% jobs and they tie-up with more than 80 companies. one you finish the course they wont respond your calls also. please close these type of institutes and save students and companies also. please

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i am having total 10 invoices for a customer but i want to send only 5 invoices to that customer how can i do it?

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HI all, Here my question is i want make payment through APP on behalf of another company my question is i have configured everything in app.when i am making payment it is not we would need cross company code configuration.can anyone please tell me where we have to do or T.code its urgent

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Can you tell me Product costing to CO-PA integration step by step ? Technical things ?


Can you tell me SD to CO-PA Integration ? Technical things ?

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How to configure the Operating Concern ?

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What Kind of Report we Can see in Cost based Profitability Analysis and Accounting based Profitability Analysis ? Technical things ?


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Accenture SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

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