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Cap Gemini Manual Testing Interview Questions
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please give me Live example for 1. high severity & low priority 2. High severity & low Priority 3. low severity & high Priority 4. low sevrity & low Priority

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What is Change Management?


What is QTP? What is Regression and retest? What is end to end testing? What is Latest QTP version and TD version? TD is test mgmt tool or resource mgmt tool? Why QTP and WR is called mercury interactive tool? Difference between end to end and system testing? Types of Testing performed in your project? What is testing component? What is test script?

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who prepare test plan?

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What is Pega Testing ?

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define sdlc step wise

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define STLC life cycle step by step

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define defect lifecycle step by step

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what is CMM Explain the difference between adhoc and smoke testing explain Bug life cycle Explian STLC What is severity and priority and example of highseverity and low priority

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what the diff b/w Smoke Testing and Santy Testing?

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Assume you are handling multiple projects and the scheduled were clashing how would you mange about this

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what are the -ve test cases for Railway Ticketing System?

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what is suspension criteria and exit criterai in test plan/????

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what is non-functional testing? give 2 example..

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What is V-model and explain

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Post New Cap Gemini Manual Testing Interview Questions

Cap Gemini Manual Testing Interview Questions

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