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Cap Gemini Shell Script Interview Questions
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How u convert string "hi pravin how are you?" to "Hi Pravin How Are You?"

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Hello all, This is my assignment on shell scripting, can anyone help me regarding this ? Create a shell script which connects to the database In second shell script include the first script for the DB connection Create a table (PRADEEP_DATA) with 2 columns (name, value) In Third shell script include the first script for the DB connection And insert/delete the values from the Table, by accepting input from the user This functionality should be a menu driven Program: 1) Insert to the database a. Name b. value 2)Delete from the database a.Name b.value Exception handling needs to be taken care.


madhar chod unix ke 10 commands dhang se likh nahi sakta hai


Hi All, Is it possible to create one file name only space or space in file name in UNIX and we can able to run that on Unix?

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Cap Gemini Shell Script Interview Questions

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