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Cap Gemini RPG400 Interview Questions
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what is edit word and edit code


we hav job which is running as batch. it takes atleast 06hours to complete tht job. bu i wana do tht job with in 3hours.........? so plz post ur answers

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There is a excel sheet having details of Old account number and new account number. I need to update these details in my AS400 files. i.e. all the records having old account number should be replaced with new account number. There can be 100 or 200 or 300 fix files known. how can we do this?Solution should be performance oriented

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1.I Have a physical file , i want to read the data from the each and every member of the File in the CL Program.How do you achieve this. 2.How do you do the same in RPG?. do think is it possible to read data from all the members in the RPG?

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1.I have a Batch job, Running for 4 hours, i want to reduce the executing time to 2 hours what should you do?

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1.How to load Records of a Physical file(PF) in the reverse order, in CL program?

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1.I have a Physical file with 100 records, No duplicates exists, all are Unique,But while i am running Runqry utility i am getting only 80 records..What could be the reason?

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Why we need to give File and To file Names While we are using OVRDBF. What is your understanding related to this?

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Cap Gemini RPG400 Interview Questions

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pls send me the placement papers and anyother useful information to STREAM: ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION


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