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Cap Gemini Database Management Interview Questions
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What are ACID properties?

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1. How many nodes you are using project? 2. What is configuration file? 3. What is modules partition? How it is work in project? 4. What is Environment Variable? How it is use? 5. What is sequence? 6. How do you execute parallel jobs in projects? 7. If you run a job in job sequencer individually without any comments? 8. How many jobs did in your project? 9. How to schedule the job in Data stage 7.5 X2? 10. If you have 10 jobs in PX2, shall you run all jobs at a time? 11. I have 5 jobs (1-5), I connect with each other, but I want to run from 3-5 only how? 12. What is same partition? 13. If you have 40GB hard disk in I have 30GB data how I configure the nodes for partition? 14. Did you write any code for Data stage project? 15. Did you write any code for parallel job execution in your project? 16. Will you schedule all jobs at a time?


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Cap Gemini Database Management Interview Questions

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