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Cap Gemini QA Concepts Interview Questions
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how can we explain for "what is STLC(software test life cycle)

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what is the difference between quality assurance and quality control

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what are the contents in Test plan?

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what are the metrics you are following?

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Difference between Quality control and Quality Assurance?

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What are the metrics available?

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How do u calculate Schedule variance? What is the formula? Explain with Example

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What is Defect Density ? What is the formula? Explain with example

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Difference between Defect Removal efficiency and Defect containment effectiveness

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How do you audit configuration management


What is change management?

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On what basis CCB approves the changes?


What is the audit process? How do you perform the audit?

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What is your hierarchy in your organization?

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why do not u try to get job in your core side(example :-eee)?


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Cap Gemini QA Concepts Interview Questions

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