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Cap Gemini Java J2EE AllOther Interview Questions
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How to call the m1() method of Base class in below snippet ? class Base { public void m1() { System.out.println("Base m1 "); } public void m2() { System.out.println("Base m1 "); } } ====================== class Derived extends Base { public void m1() { System.out.println("Derived m1"); } public void m3() { System.out.println("Derived m3"); } public static void main(String[] args) { Base ob=new Derived(); ob.m1(); //System.out.println("Hello World!"+ob.m1()); } }

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In HashSet duplicates are allowed while adding to the HashSet, but while retreiving the object from HashSet is not shown the duplicate values, WHY ?

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When to use the Collection Classes(HashSet, LinkedHashSet, TreeSet....etc) in real time scenario ?

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Explain the OOPS concept in Realtime Scenarion ? Take example as CAR. Please explain indetail ?


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Cap Gemini Java J2EE AllOther Interview Questions

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