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Cap Gemini Oracle AllOther Interview Questions
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1)After defining value set we define list of values, I need to enter 1000 values with out entering manually, how will you do that? 2)what are the parameters we use in a concurrent program? 3)what is payroll processing? 4)In organization window after defining an organization and organization classification how to create a new item in the others button? 5)If there are 10 users, How to restrict the selected users not to access the forms?


How to move the data from one flatfile to multiple staging tables?give me some examples? for example in po interface one flat file is there and multiple staging tables are there how can move it?please give me answer for this question?


How to update the simple views?give me example?if the table having 100 records and created a view on this table. if i can update the table then how to update the views

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how can we send a concurrent program output to the clients through mail or fax give me example.

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Cap Gemini Oracle AllOther Interview Questions

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