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Cap Gemini Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What are the different techniques for writing test cases?

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Why testing is required?

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Need Browser compatibility checklist? If any of you are having any doc or checklist on the same please share it with me.

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Which method of testing we use to test LOGIN page?

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Which testing is used only in web based application but not for client-server applications?

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Hi harish n Satish...thanx for the response... Already told Functionality testing and user interface type testing to interviewer but he was expecting something else. And also explained test cases....Is it data driven testing for user id and password combinations? If i am not wrong....?


what is functionality testing?

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what is migration testing?

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what are 6 microsoft rules used for user interface testing?

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explain bug cycle

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I have 2+ experience in manual testing but I can not use any bug tracking tool. I use excel sheet & mail that sheet to developer now I wan to change company is there any effect.

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Can anyone tell me what is meant by "Mainframes Testing"? Also, Plz let me know what r all d responsibilities of a Manual Tester in Mainframes Testing? Plzzz reply!!

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How the build you will get in which form and to whom first it gets and how will they send to the testers?and who install it in the system?

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please tell me about fish model which is used in sdlc model ,and also tell me about the founder of fish model and diagram of fish model and other things in details

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can any one tell me wat is dependent and independent scripting?


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Cap Gemini Manual Testing Interview Questions

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