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Cap Gemini Teradata Interview Questions
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What is the diffrence between Multiload & Fastload interms of Performance?

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What are the types of tables in Teradata

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id name gender 1 Ram Female 2 Kumar Female 3 sathish Female 4 Santhya Male 5 Durga Male 6 Priya Male This is my to change Gender Male to Female & Female to Male??? Write sql query for this question???

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IBM QUESTION As all we know PE takes the SQL Request and it will give responce for that query. what is the internal process it is taking that sql from the system????? thanks in Advance

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what happen if a query fail in dispatcher?

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what is the structure of UV table in MLOAD?

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Pls any body reply for this question. Which circumstance does the optimizing choose a product join? Thanks for advance

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Hello Frndz, I have a table named product as shown below: product_id product_name 1 AAA 1 BBB 1 CCC 2 PPP 2 QQQ 2 RRR Now my output should be: product_id product_name_1 product_name_2 product_name_3 1 AAA BBB CCC 2 PPP QQQ RRR

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I have a employee table with EMPID, EMPNAME, DEPTID, SAL and want to fetch the maximum and minimum salary on each dept id with the emp name. Can anyone help in this? The result should contain the EMPNAME, DEPTID, SAL.

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Cap Gemini Teradata Interview Questions

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