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Cap Gemini SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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Write a query to find five highest salaries from EMP table. (there is a column SALARY)

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What is meant by Join? What are the different types of Joins available? Explain.

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How will you select unique values from a list of records?

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How will you delete a particular row from a Table?

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What is the difference between the Primary and Foreign key?

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From an Employee table, how will you display the record which has a maximum salary?

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What is nvl function?

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what is 'force view'?

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one of the column in my table contains the data like SAL ---- 1000 1000 2000 3000 3000 So my requirement is i want output like SAL --- 1000 2000 3000 it mean i want to delete duplicate rows in the table permanently and i want output in the above formatow should u write query?

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what is global temporary tables and how use that tables in pl/sql packages

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Interchange the value of a column Gender in a table where values are Male and Female. So, where the value is Male, it should changed to Female and Female to Male.

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What will be the output of this Query? select to_char(trunc(add_months(sysdate-3),mm),mm/dd/yyyy) from dual

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What are the steps you take to tune(performance tuning) the code in plsql?

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I have a tablle like this. cust acc --------------- a 1 b 2|3 c 4|5|6 I Want below o/p: cust acc ----------- a 1 b 2 b 3 c 4 c 5 c 6 Please any one can you have any ideas share me. I have urgent requirement.

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which will default fire first  statement level trigger or row level trigger

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Cap Gemini SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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